Opus Management aims to help spearhead the development of local musicians in both their skills
and business sense. We want to create a community where musicians seek the pinnacle in their
endeavors, be it in a studio setting or live setting. We hope to bring about an increased
appreciation of quality music through better aural skills and music theory, which translates into
better performances and improved delivery of the craft. Through the above, we hope that it will
accumulate to become a community which becomes supportive of quality local music, which will
open doors into other possibilities such as improvisation theatre and increased live performances.


Kenneth Ngo Wei Ann
Opus Management is headed by Kenneth, an established musician who lives and breathes music.
His passion for music has seen him taking on many important roles in imparting and grooming
people to reach what they set out to achieve, and in the process, learn more about themselves and
their potential. He has been part of local productions, is currently teaching students from different
ages and backgrounds, and even people with special needs. Through Opus Management and his
proprietary course ASSETS (A Sight-Singing Ear Training System), he hopes to help improve the
overall musicianship in the local setting.

Jace Koh Qi Yun
Jace is an entrepreneur and professional accountant, being well versed in various regulatory
frameworks with regards to business and companies. She also has a strong interest in the arts, and
is very supportive of Kenneth and Opus Management by lending her expertise and knowledge to
help elevate the company to what it can be. She is in charge of ensuring that the company complies
with the regulations and meets its requirements as stipulated by government bodies such as ACRA
and IRAS, as well as monitoring and establishing the company’s financial health.

Chia Kun Loong
Kun is the mentee of both Jace and Kenneth, having studied accounts under Jace and music under
Kenneth. He is passionate about furthering a career in music, and is optimistic that the local music
scene will be able to become so much more. Having studied music on his own for the past 8 years,
in the short course of tutelage under Kenneth, he has experienced first-hand how powerful and
useful ASSETS is. ASSETS has enabled Kun to figure out lead lines impromptu, and play accompanying
chords. He is assisting Kenneth to reach out to the younger local musicians, with the hopes
of building a community that is supportive and appreciative of music.